Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Intolerance to Magnesium
So I landed myself in Adrenal Hell again as I'm trying to do mineral balancing. And I find this such an important thing for people to know about.

I really can't express #1 how AMAZING I feel when I can get significant Magnesium on board, and #2 how important it is for you to get Potassium up before increasing Magnesium.

I was informed a long time ago that I would react badly to Magnesium if my Potassium was too low. AND boy do I. I become lethargic, almost narcoleptic, WEAK and tingly, with horrible rage and anxiety. I also get heart palpitations, where I feel like my heart is beating out of my chest, I get sweats, and since I'm pregnant, I get lots of contractions. I'm NOT a good person to be around!


This is SO common! As you can see, my Potassium is so low that my Rubidium is nearly non existent. My Sodium to Magnesium Ratio is in Adrenal Hell! My lithium, per Yasko is a reflection of my low Potassium. Too much B12 before addressing my low lithium could have landed me in further adrenal stress. This is WHY an HTMA is always the first best step in any supplement regimen.

So I was trying to do some research on this, BUT there is zero published research on this phenomenon. In fact, the opposite occurs in published research. Magnesium is supposed to bring Potassium back into balance. BUT it stands to reason that if Potassium is in the gutter and your Sodium to Magnesium ratio is far enough off, you won't tolerate Magnesium and it will cause your Potassium to take a nose dive. Asking this question in the Magnesium Group, someone posted this from a previous thread.

Magnesium basics - Peter Nicholas
Not for everyone. Very few can actually do this. This is a disaster for those with adrenal issues....a nightmare, actually! And you know that adrenal issues plague modern society.
When your adrenal ratio Na/Mg is less than 4, you are driving your adrenals further into hypofunction by flooding your body with Magnesium. You feel fatigued and risk being run down. The lower your ratio, the more drastic the effect.
So you are effectively creating further imbalances by following such a general rule. Why? Because the other electrolytes start to wander.
No, what you need to check is the metabolic activity that is mapped to the Na/Mg ratio.
Blood work is a static snapshot of your current status of Na and Mg.
Hair analysis is a dynamic movie of your Na and Mg metabolism
One is a picture...the other is a movie over a couple of months of hair growth smile emoticon
If you haven't supplement Mg before, you start slow....say 100 or 200 mg/day. Stay there for a week or so until your bowels can tolerate it. Increase by another 50mg and spread the dose throughout the day. If you feel fatigued, cut back....otherwise you can slowly increase to a 3-5 mg/lb if your adrenals are in good working order and you feel good instead of fatigued.
When supplementing with Magnesium it helps to obtain these cofactors which help get Mg into your cells and keep it there:
1. B6 (helps get Mg inside the cell)
2. Bicarbonate (i.e. baking soda) (helps get Mg in the Mitochondria)
3. Boron (helps keep Mg in the cell)
4. Selenium, Zinc and Taurine are added cofactors to improve Mg intake & retention.
5. Lithium. It acts as a cell membrane stabilizer which allows for nutrients to enter and leave the cell. It increases membrane fluidity so Magnesium can enter the cell more efficiently.
6. You need to build a foundation to support these minerals. The underlying foundation is the trace minerals: the small amounts of the vast range of minerals in the body and in Nature.
When we discuss amounts it is important to keep them in the proper context....that is, in the context of a healthy individual. So your mileage will vary because you may be mineral deficient, copper dysregulated, hypothyroid, etc.
And we also have to take into account what we obtain from diet.....again, your mileage will certainly vary here. So you need to assess yourself.
For Selenium, total intake is roughly 150-200 mcg/day.
For Zinc 10-25 mg/day.
For Taurine 250-750 mg/day (May not tolerate if you have a CBS Upregulation and Taurine Toxicity)
For Lithium 1-2 mg/day (see below) (May need more if you are Lithium deficient.)
Trace minerals are obtained from mineral water, mineral salt and concentrace drops; all combined will typically include your dose of Lithium.
Vegans tend to have very low levels of taurine as their diet lacks the sulfur rich taurine precursor, L-cysteine. Plasma taurine levels are much lower, and urinary taurine excretion is substantially lower, in vegetarians than in omnivores. Such low taurine status promotes platelet hyperaggregability in vegetarians.
Due to their limited or unbalanced protein intake, they are deficient in methionine or cysteine. So they have great difficulty manufacturing taurine. One of the worst things about nutrient deficiencies associated with the vegan diet is that a deficiency in taurine induces anxiety. With the added stress and over-stimulated nervous system that goes with taurine deficiency, vegans are in for a rough time.

So, if you suspect this is an issue for you, I think the first best step is to start with the adrenal cocktail and get an HTMA done and maybe get a consultation with Peter Nicholas or join his Facebook Group!

Update: Many keep asking me what I've been doing to increase my Potassium, and I find many stuck in the same place I was. For a long time I was simply taking the 99mg typical dose of Potassium. The Recommended daily intake for Potassium is 4700mg for anyone over 18 and 5100mg for nursing mothers. We have had a very low Potassium diet unfortunately, so I have increased our daily food intake as much as I can. Towards the end of my pregnancy my need for Potassium got MUCH worse and I had to take at the very least 2500mg a day and at the most 50 mg of Magnesium Chelate a day. I was taking Potassium Proteinate because it did not bother my stomach at all. And yes, I took 25 of them suckers a day. My midwives asked me to lower my dose. So I tried, and I ended up in labor and delivery with severe palpitations, high heart rate, migraines, visual disturbances, contractions, and fatigue. They wanted to do an adrenal stress test on me, and I felt that was probably the worst idea for me at the time! So I decided to ignore the doctors, and do what I felt my body needed.

I was in the process of learning about Mitochondria Function and ATP synthesis and their importance in electrolyte balance. I knew that supplementing K wasn't enough, I had to address the dysregulation. I knew B-Vitamins were essential for all of this....
But I had developed an intolerance to them!!! And Likely due to a severe deficiency that I needed to address before I could tolerate them, And at this time was relying on nothing but whole food vitamins. But after some more research I learned that Beef liver was like an all natural Mitochondrial cocktail. I love this simple little Brochure to explain the Vitamins that support the Mitochondria. So I began to start taking Grass Fed Beef Liver Daily, about 1/2 tsp twice a day, and I noticed right away more energy. After time I realized I was able to tolerate more Magnesium! And with time I needed less Potassium. But I knew that to address this completely I really needed to figure out what exactly I was so deficient in what was causing such a severe dysregulation. So I did a Genova Organic Acids test through Gail Clayton at Beyond Pharmaceuticals. And she found several severe deficiencies especially ones that effected ATP production. So I began addressing those and I was finally able to tolerate B-Complex Vitamins again, which, no joke I desperately needed! (not I'm not an affiliate of Gail's)

So at the moment I am up to 250mg of Magnesium, and down to 1000mg of Potassium. I know that my Potassium deficiency was severe enough, that it is going to take some
time to get it up there again. It is taking a lot of patience, because I know I am severely Magnesium deficient and really LOVE Maggie and how it feels, but I have to watch myself!

So to bring this awesome experience full circle I just had to connect ONE more dot! Why the sudden Crisis with Potassium? Why did it suddenly get so bad? I always asked myself did I make it worse by taking more Potassium, or did my need just get that much worse? But after I had my beautiful son, I began having some other issues connected to copper toxicity. And I always new that copper nearly doubles during pregnancy. AND if you don't have enough zinc and other nutrients to compensate for this natural process, you can become very copper toxic with every child. Well I became what I think was estrogen dominant (which happens with copper toxicity) and started gaining A LOT of weight, while my poor babe was losing weight and my milk supply was diminishing. So I thought, I wonder how copper and potassium work together, and google yielded a beautiful result. Copper drives down Potassium!!!!! Yes, yes it does!

So since beginning low dose Zinc Picolinate,(which I should have been on a long time ago) my milk is back in full force. I have begun to lose weight and baby is gaining like crazy! And me AND babies acne went away, right away. So we shall see with time if this will help with my Potassium Conundrum! (High doses of zinc can be dangerous, high dosing zinc should always be done with doctor supervision to prevent copper deficiency.)

Fruits High in Potassium:
  • Peach
  • Kiwi
  • Coconut
  • Banana
  • Tomatoes
  • Avocado
  • Figs
  • Medjool Dates
  • Prunes
  • Raisins
  • Dried Apricots
For those dealing with Histamine Intolerance, I caution the dried fruits or aged fruits. Try eating fresh as possible.

Veggies High In Potassium:
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots
  • Beets
  • Winter Squash
  • Portobello Mushrooms
  • Artichoke
  • Brussel Sprouts
  • Potatoes
  • Kale
  • Spinach
I caution the use of really high oxalate foods like Spinach, Kale, and Beets for those with detox issues. You can find a list of high to low oxalate foods HERE.


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